Expand your menu and boost your profit! The Pressure Smoker offers a complete profit system with an exclusive line of seasonings. You can increase your bottom line by adding just one new item to your menu. Imagine the possibilities!

Did you think you could make barbeque by just adding sauce and putting your product on the grill? Not if you want repeat customers! The Pressure Smoker ensures old fashioned, genuine smoked flavor right down to the bone! Your menu will be smokin’ with this unit that lets you easily pressure smoke ribs, turkey, chicken, kielbasa, potatoes, corn and much, much more.

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Benefits of the Pressure Smoker:

  • Cooks ribs, brisket, chicken, and more—in one hour
  • Fully automatic—no watching, turning or basting needed
  • True smoked flavor from just a handful of mesquite chips
  • Requires no hood or venting (local codes prevail)
  • Combination of moist heat and pressure produces a juicier, more tender product
  • Pressure penetrates meat, not just surface area
  • Patented process allows meats to last up to a week longer than traditional smokers
  • The Pressure Smoker comes in several sizes to meet your specific cooking needs.
  • Broaster Company also features One Step Prep and Red Rub seasonings, as well as award-winning Pressure Smoker sauce. Available through Kappus Company parts department.