Commercial Fryer Equipment

Having the ability to serve items like delicious fried chicken, sweet potato fries and fried pickles can be a game-changer for your business, and having the right frying equipment is crucial to achieving your success.

Since introducing the first commercial pressure fryer in 1957, Henny Penny® has built a reputation for designing and engineering the industry’s premiere pressure fryers and deep fryers, including the robust technology of the oil-saving Evolution Elite® and Velocity Series™ with automatic filtration.

Quality & Versatility For Your Demanding Kitchen

Whether you have one location or many, Henny Penny frying equipment will help you control costs, save time and serve the highest quality fried food.

Here’s what sets Henny Penny fryers apart:

  • A wide array of deep fryers and pressure fryers in multiple sizes and configurations for every frying application
  • Built-in filtration standard on every pressure fryer
  • Heavy duty fry vats and fry pots manufactured with high grade stainless steel and backed by a 7-year warranty
  • From vat size to control features, every aspect of fryer design is engineered to balance oil savings, performance and cost

The combined savings from faster cook times and temperature recovery, more efficient use of labor, decreased downtime and lower energy bills can result in ROI of 1-2 years.

Understanding Your Options

Choosing the right frying equipment can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to fryers. Here are some resources that you may find helpful whether you are just starting out or want to take your existing frying program to the next level:

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Ready to take a closer look? Explore the options below as you consider the frying solution that’s right for your operation.

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