Coffee Shops

Your coffee and baked goods are the talk of the town, but are you missing out on added profits from additional menu items?

Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Coffee Shops

Today there is much more to running a successful coffee shop than just serving great coffee.  You’re a community meeting place, a remote work haven, and the go-to study spot for local students. Expanding your menu beyond coffee and pastries can mean increased ticket size and repeat business, which all translates to better profits.

With the right commercial kitchen equipment, the possibilities are endless and not complicated to introduce. Entice your customers with a dollop of soft serve, gelato or custard.  Tempt their taste buds by adding a variety of hot breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Or offer a house-special frozen coffee to expand your beverage offerings. However you want to grow your business, Kappus is a resource and partner for you, working with you to find the right equipment solutions for your size and operations. 

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