Quick Serve

In this service-oriented business, you need to move quickly and avoid downtime.  Every cook cycle, pour and pull are critical to getting your customers their orders fast and efficiently.

Kitchen Equipment for Your Quick Service Restaurant

At Kappus we have the commercial kitchen equipment your fast food or QSR operation demands.  Our grills cook 66% faster, our fryers are auto-filtering, and our shake, soft serve and frozen beverage equipment keep the line moving with rapid recovery for high-volume throughput.  With intuitive touchscreen controls and pre-programmed cook settings you’ll gain consistency while saving on training and labor. Our fast food equipment boasts the following characteristics:

  • User friendly for efficient operation
  • Cost & time savings support your bottom line
  • Consistent results & dependability

Whether you’re serving french fries, burgers, chicken, BBQ, or ice cream, you’ll find the quality and versatility to suit your restaurant’s specific needs.

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