When delivering the best foodservice experience to your patients, residents, visitors and medical staff is the heart of your operations, having reliable, versatile equipment is essential.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Healthcare

From large-scale hospital cafeterias and food courts to cafe-style restaurants and self-serve food stations, Kappus offers a wide range of easy-to-use foodservice equipment that meets the needs of your operation.

Our full line of combi ovens, fryers, grills, holding cabinets, and self-serve coffee equipment can make all the difference in your fast-paced environment, and are very user-friendly — no culinary degree needed to make great tasting food your customers will love.

We understand how important quality, safety, efficiency and long-term functionality are to your kitchen, and we will work with you to implement the best solutions for your needs.

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Combi Ovens

Self-Serve Coffee Stations

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Milkshake & Smoothie Equipment

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