Combi Ovens

Commercial Combi Ovens

Today’s commercial kitchens are changing rapidly, with the need for labor savings and efficiency more critical than ever.  Continually expanding menus, fast-paced demand and evolving customer tastes are making Combi Ovens a powerful alternative to traditional steamers.

What Is a Combi Oven?

Also referred to as a “combination oven”, Combi Ovens use both moist and dry heat, either separately or in unison, to cook a variety of foods in many different ways. This inherent versatility means that a single piece of equipment can replace your steamer, grill and convection oven so you save tons of kitchen space.

Add in features like the FlexiRack racking system, boilerless DynaSteam2 and simple WaveClean cartridge and you’re armed with the innovation you need to maximize your kitchen operations.

Henny Penny’s Combi Oven solutions are designed with ultimate efficiency and performance in mind to help commercial kitchens like yours better utilize valuable floor space while maximizing ROI:

  • Fast flexible cooking for a large variety of menu items
  • Cook with combinations of moist and dry heat
  • Easy-to-use oven controls enable precise recipes time after time
  • Improved reliability, lower maintenance costs and longer useful life
  • Maximum capacity and ease of loading

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Advantages of Adding a Combi Oven to your Operations


Looking to explore equipment options before you buy?  Ask us about scheduling a demo in one of our fully equipped kitchens in Cleveland and Eaton, OH.

What Sets Us Apart

DynaSteam2 Boilerless Steam Technology Saves Operating & Maintenance Costs

FlexiRack™ Optimizes Space Within Cooking Chamber

Multiple Cook Modes Make This an All-in-One Machine

WaveClean Automated Cleaning System Significantly Reduces Water Usage