Henny Penny Model FPDE 615/615

Electric, FlexiRack

The Henny Penny Model FPDE 615/615 FlexFusion Team Combi Oven offers the versatility of two separate cabinets in one integrated platform. Each cooking chamber utilizes a powerful boilerless steam generation system that instantly adds or eliminates the precise amount of moisture needed to maintain desired cooking conditions… all while saving more energy and water than ever through an improved heat exchange design.

Standard Features

  •  Chef’sTouch™ Control System for automatic or easy manual cooking
    • Two durable high resolution 7-inch touch/swipe screens
    • Full-color display, video assist
    • Create your own recipes (up to 20 steps each) or select from 350 AutoChef cooking programs
    • Select and use apps for cooking, serving convenience, cleaning, diagnostics and more
    • Use ClimaSelect Plus to set and maintain humidity levels at 10% increments from 0% to 100% RH
    • Adjust individual settings before or during cooking
    • Multi-sensor food probes
    • Temperature in °F or °C
    • Choose language for operations and service diagnostics
  • Two separate cooking environments in one integrated unit
    • 6 pan levels in top cabinet
    • 6 pan levels in bottom cabinet
    • Separate power supply for each cabinet
  • Crosswise pan racking for better ergonomics
  • DynaSteam2 precision boilerless steam generation with built-in energy-saving heat transfer
  • 5-speed auto-reverse fan for fast, even cooking throughout the cabinet
  • Powerful high-efficiency motor uses up to 15% less energy
  • Triple-pane door glass saves 28% more energy over ventilated door systems

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