Cookshack Model PZ400

Pizza Oven

The Cookshack Model PZ400 Wood Fired Pizza Oven provides you the ability to cook handcrafted pizzas over real wood flames in just 3 minutes.  With the PZ 400 there is no need to remodel an entire kitchen to add gourmet pizza since it can be easily installed under a standard commercial hood.  The temperature range of 250°F-900°F means this oven is not limited to pizza alone. Give authentic flavor to calzones, quesadillas, stromboli, desserts and much more.

Technical Specifications

Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.
Outside dimensions: 37.5″W x 27.75″H x 26.25″D (33.375″ with door open)
Front Loading Hopper: 25 lb. capacity
Included Equipment: 4 bags of pellets (20 lb. bags), pizza stone, heat deflector, operator’s manual
Approximate Fuel Consumption: Recommended temperature of 700°F: 2.25 lbs. per hour. High (900°F ): 3.1 lbs. per hour
Time to Heat Up: Approximately 1.5 hours to reach 700°F
Pizza Cooking Time: Approximately 3 minutes for 1 large pizza at 700°F
Cooking Capacity: 1 large pizza up to 16″ in diameter
Cooking Area: 16″ x 16″ Pizza Stone
Electrical: 120 V, 5 amps; cord length is approximately 54″ (may vary by 6″)
Construction and Insulation: Double Walled Construction surrounding 850°F Spin-Glas® Insulation