Bravo Trittico Business

Advanced Gelato Lab

The Bravo Trittico Business is an advanced gelato lab that allows you to make artisan gelato, granita, semifreddos toppings and sauces. Thanks to its patented Ionic System, your gelato will be dry and contain the perfect amount of air, preserving the creaminess and softness that is typical of traditional Italian gelato.

Standard Features

  • Etched foil heating elements to grant low thermal inertia
  • Frontal probe to allow small batch production
  • Three blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
  • Easy dismountable front door for a perfect and fast cleaning
  • Mixer metal scrapers for a perfect barrel scraping
  • Upper tank infuser basket to add natural flavors
  • Comfortable washing gun to easily wash both machine tanks
  • Automatic joint washer for internal cleaning
  • Patented Ionic System measures the right amount of frozen water in order to get the perfect gelato/sorbet consistency and overrun
  • Machine automatically beeps when the gelato is ready to be extracted at its ideal level of dryness

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