Bravo Gelmatic M

High Performance

The Bravo Gelmatic M is a high performance batch freezer that enables you to obtain results above market standards. Easy to use, strong and reliable, it makes artisan’s work easy and safe, as it reaches very low temperatures in a very short time.

Standard Features

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy mixture loading
  • Fast gelato extraction system
  • Short freezing time: able to reach -10°C in a very short time
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean
  • Consumption saving machine
  • Automatic temperature control thanks to advanced thermoregulators with “sensible touch” displays
  • Three-blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
  • Upper funnel for fast mixture loading
  • Front hopper for adding aromas
  • Makrolon® front door (special thermal insulating material)

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