Commercial Rotisserie Equipment

Rotisserie cooking can both wow your customers and your bottom line. With Henny Penny® Rotisserie equipment, you can cook, display and offer self-serve in less than 6 square feet while enjoying fast, even, reliable results every time.

Theatre Cooking At Its Finest

Utilizing crossflow convection plus radiant heat, Henny Penny rotisserie ovens produce the perfect chicken, ribs, fish, casseroles — and even pastries — in less time than other rotisseries machines and are designed with your operational efficiency in mind:

  • Easy-to-use digital controls with 9 programmable cook cycles
  • Food temperature probe for precise core temperature cooking
  • Spit rotation switch for easy loading
  • Interchangeable spits and baskets
  • Drive assembly, drip trays and drain pans disassemble easily for quick cleanup
  • Stackable countertop rotisserie models offer increased versatility
  • Increased productivity with mobile spit stands and work tables for prep and loading

Looking to explore rotisserie equipment options before you buy?  Ask us about scheduling a demo in one of our fully equipped kitchens in Cleveland and Eaton, OH.

Looking to explore equipment options before you buy?

Schedule a demo in one of our fully equipped kitchens in Cleveland and Eaton, OH.

What Sets Us Apart

Theatre Cooking Enhances the Guest Experience

Patented THERMA-VEC Technology Cooks Full Loads Quickly & Evenly

Versatility to Cook More Than Chicken

Intuitive Controls for Desired Browning and Texture Control

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