Henny Penny Model SCR 8

8 Spit

The Henny Penny Model SCR 8 is a single cabinet countertop rotisserie that saves on floor space while cooking up to 40 whole birds in a single load. The stacked SCR 16 doubles that production—a massive 80 whole birds per load—from the same footprint, while providing the flexibility of two independently operated rotisseries.

Standard Features

  • THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process cooks full loads quickly and evenly
  • Gentle, cross-flow convection for even cooking throughout cabinet
  • Radiant heat for uniform browning and crisp texture
  • Easy-to-use touch key controls with large LED simultaneous time and temperature display
  • 9 programmable cook cycles for each cabinet, 18 total for SCR 16
  • Programmable browning and texture control
  • Food temperature probe
  • Tempered clear glass doors with black matrix shaded borders
  • Rotation stops automatically when doors open
  • Spit rotation switch for easy loading
  • Interchangeable spits, racks or baskets
  • Simple three-piece drive tube and rotor assembly
  • Drive assembly, drip trays and drain pans disassemble easily for quick cleanup
  • Coated spits and interiors for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long life

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