Hydra Rinse

Easy to Install.
Easy to Operate.
Easy to Keep Your Soft Serve Machine Cleaner Than Ever Before.

Your soft serve equipment works great for making ice cream, but cleaning it can be incredibly labor intensive.

Hydra Rinse® is the newest advancement in cleaning technology, using easy-to-operate controls combined with a food safe, all natural no-taste cleaning solution for a virtually automated cleaning process.  With the touch of a button, Hydra Rinse cleans your soft serve machine in half the time it takes to manually clean it, facilitating more frequent cleaning and a significant improvement in the quality of product served.

Using revolutionary technology, Hydra Rinse standardizes the cleaning and sanitizing process of your soft serve equipment, ensuring it is cleaned thoroughly every time.

  • Fully automated; reduces labor costs associated with manual cleaning
  • Standardized cleaning; ensures accuracy and efficiency every time
  • Improves employee safety by reducing exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Recommended cleaning protects your equipment investment; reduces service calls and parts replacement
  • Requires less disassembly of soft serve machine each time it’s cleaned, reducing potential for damaging internal parts and recontamination
  • Auto Wash cycle complete in less than 8 minutes; cycle provides hands-free time to prep multiple machines for cleaning
  • Consumes less than 10 gallons of water, reducing water consumption by more than half
  • Reduces the impact on the environment through the cleaning power of LEXX™, a naturally-derived, biodegradable liquid sanitizer concentrate
  • The complete Hydra Rinse NSF approved system prevents microorganisms, yeast and fungi contamination, keeping your soft soft serve machine cleaner than ever before

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What Sets Us Apart

Makes Cleaning Simple, Encouraging Frequent Use

Reduces Labor Costs Associated with Manual Cleaning

Significant Improvement in Quality of Product Served

Reduces the Impact on the Environment

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