Hydra Rinse

Pro-Control Automated Solution Delivery Device

The Hydra Rinse Pro Control Automated Solution Delivery Device uses easy to operate controls combined with a food safe, all natural, no-taste cleaning solution for a virtually automated cleaning process of your soft serve equipment.


  • Fully automated, reduces labor costs associated with manual process
  • Standardized cleaning, ensures accuracy and efficiency every time
  • Improves employee safety; reduces exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Recommended cleaning protects your equipment investment; reduces service calls and parts replacement
  • Auto Wash cycle complete in less than 8 minutes; cycle provides hands-free time to prep multiple machines for cleaning
  • Requires less disassembly of soft serve machine each time it’s cleaned, reducing potential for damaging internal parts and recontamination
  • Upgraded no-lube parts available; eliminates cost and reduces cleaning time
  • Uses less than 10 gallons of water per wash
  • Utilizes proprietary, EPS-approved all natural, no rinse wash solution
  • Pre-measured chemical cups guarantee proper efficacy during cleaning