Zummo, Inc. is the worldwide leader in commercial juicing equipment design and engineering. Each machine features their patented squeezing system that localizes the juicing process, ensuring that the juice never touches the peel. This unique process eliminates bitterness, oily residue or the chance of pesticides from the peel coming into contact with the juice.

With Zummo, the entire juicing process is visible, delivering an instant “Wow” factor that draws customer traffic. Don’t let outdated juicing machines put the squeeze on your sales and profits…go with the pros, go with Kappus & Zummo.

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Features and Benefits of Zummo Commercial Juicers:

  • Zummo juicers can handle all sizes of citrus fruit; from oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes to pomegranates and grapefruit
  • Zummo juicers are easy to clean and maintain. Daily cleaning only takes 7 minutes from disassembly, cleaning, drying and reassembly
  • Compact equipment design is easy to operate and conveniently fits any size venue
  • Digital programmer with built-in serving counter enables you to squeeze by the glass and track pressed fruits.
  • Enjoy rapid ROI as juice sales quickly increase due to unique and attractive system where not a drop is wasted
  • Extremely reliable and durable, Zummo commercial juicers successfully yield 15% more juice than the competition and easily withstand the most demanding environments
  • All Zummo juicers and vending equipment carry the internationally recognized UL and NSF certification