Visit our video testimonials page and view our customers talking about Kappus Company’s expert sales consulting and customer service, first-rate equipment and parts and best-in-class technical service.

“We’ve partnered with the Kappus Company for our foodservice equipment needs for 40 years. We buy grills, soft serve and shake machines from them. You can’t beat the quality and durability of Taylor equipment, and the support we get from our sales representative, in addition to the technical service we’ve gotten over the years, has been unsurpassed.”

Dan McManus, Director, Food Operations
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Sandusky, OH

“We doubled our sales with the addition of our new milkshakes. Thanks Kappus for getting us set up with the best milkshake machines for our business”

Scott Bowman, Owner
Odd Fodder
Perrysburg, OH

“My sales rep told me about how much success another winery was having with wine slush and broke down the numbers for me. I decided to give it a try and purchased my first Taylor 428 frozen beverage machine. It quickly paid for itself in 7 weeks. Our Wine Slushees are now up there with our top sellers and have been a HUGE success for us. I now own three machines.”

John Nicolozakes, Owner
Georgetown Vineyards
Cambridge, OH

“I talked to other companies before I opened my frozen yogurt store, but I went with Kappus Company because my salesman was so helpful. We worked together to figure out which machines would work best for my shop—I learned a lot.”

Raj Sundaram, Owner
Chillberry Premium Frozen Yogurt
Morgantown, WV

“I just opened my second self-serve frozen yogurt store, and we’ve used the Taylor twin-twist model 794 in both of them. The 794 produces consistent, quality product and keeps up with volume when we’re busy. We’re glad we went with the Kappus Company and Taylor products—they’re both great to work with!”

Helen Paxton, Owner
The Green Kiwi
Parkersburg, WV
Vienna, WV

“Before we installed the Taylor soft serve machine and Flavor Burst system, we were lucky to add 100 cones to our overall sales for the season. Since we’ve added the new equipment, we sell nearly 2,000 cones per season! Flavor Burst has added so many different product offerings, our customers keep coming back to try them all. Thanks for all of your help, Kappus Company!”

Rick & Vicki Laslo, Owners
Portage Lakes Rootbeer
Akron, OH

“After installing the Flavor Burst machine we sold more than 4,000 cones in just five weeks! I know this, because five weeks after we opened for the season, I had to order 8 more bags of syrup and that equates to 4,200 cones—unbelievable!”

Ron Dewalt, Owner
RJ’s Twist
Marblehead, OH

“I’ve been doing business with the Kappus Company for 12 years. I have a Taylor 8756P twin twist machine, and buy Taylor genuine parts for it from Kappus. Even when I’m not exactly sure what my machine needs, they figure it out for me. On the phone, or in person when I stop by to pick up my order, the folks in the parts department are always great.”

Darlene Lupica
Classic Ice Cream
Cleveland, OH