Taylor Model C314

FCB, 4 Flavor

With the Taylor Model C314 Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Freezer, you can dispense a light, fluffy, high overrun slush product in a pressurized system from this modular, counter-top unit. The optional non-pressurized system produces a wetter, lower overrun slush. Air is discharged out the top of the unit to accommodate tight counter space. Optional cart converts the unit to a self-contained floor model, and provides storage for the syrup.

Technical Specifications

Freezing Cylinder

Four, 7 quart (6.6 liter).

Dispensing Door

Clear plastic dispensing doors allow customers to see slush being made. Self closing draw handles are standard. Round dispensing nozzle conveniently fits the hole in domed lids. Push style dispensing handle provides for 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant dispensing height.

Indicator Lights/Audible Alarm

Lights illuminate and audible alarm sounds to indicate loss of CO2, water or syrup on the affected freezing cylinder. The other flavors will continue to operate when one loses syrup. A snooze feature may be activated to silence the alarm for 30 minutes.

Automatic Defrost

Programmable defrost cycles allow the operator to select the time and frequency for defrosting each freezing cylinder independently. The defrost light flashes to warn customers not to draw product from the side that is being defrosted. At the end of the defrost cycle, the freezing cylinder automatically returns to the freeze-down mode.

Power Saver

During extended no-use periods, the Power Saver feature may be programmed for either Standby or Rest Mode. Standby Mode maintains product in freezing cylinder between 35 & 40°F (1.6 & 4.4°C) for quickest return to serving product. Rest Mode shuts down the refrigeration system for the most energy savings. Start and end times may be programmed independently for seven cycles.

Sure Set™ Flow Control

Automatically maintains brix settings by compensating for fluctuations in water, CO2, and syrup pressures. Water flow is preset at the factory.

Electronic Viscosity Control

Slushtech™ is standard with our exclusive microprocessor based universal control which regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity.

Air Filter

Removable, cleanable air filter helps keep condenser clean for optimal refrigeration system performance.


LED display backlights translight and illuminates clear dispensing doors to draw customer attention. This display provides energy efficient, even, consistent lighting.

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