Henny Penny F5 Open Fryers

Henny Penny F5 Open Fryers are designed to make frying high quality food easier, safer and more efficient for any kitchen.

  • The Fastest Oil Filtration on the Market
    Ready to fry again in just 3 minutes, making it easy to improve filtering compliance and prolong oil life
  • Touch and Swipe Interface
    With a custom operating system, cuts training time and simplifies daily operation
  • Thoughtful, Durable Design
    Makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy
  • Optional Connectivity
    Futureproof your fryer for remote diagnostics and updates
  • Robust Oil Management
    Making it easier than ever to put money back in your pocket
Available Models:

OFE 511 – 1 Well Electric
OFE 512 – 2 Well Electric
OFE 513 – 3 Well Electric
OFE 514 – 4 Well Electric

Standard Features

Simple Operation

  • Custom operating system with intuitive touch and swipe interface
  • Learn in minutes, reduce training time by 50%*
  • No handles, valves or knobs
  • Switch languages easily

Ultra-efficient system

  • Full vat, split vat or combination
  • 30 lb platform cooks the same size load in 40% less oil than 50 lb vats**
  • Automatic top off continuously monitors oil level and adds fresh oil as needed from onboard JIB
  • Powerful 8 gal (30 L) per minute filter pump
  • Improved nozzle design targets corners of vat to clear crumbs
  • Faster 3-minute filter time***
  • Slanted deck channels oil drips into vat, reducing cleanup
  • Auto life automatically lowers and raises basket (additional charge)
  • Bulk oil dispose (additional charge)

Kitchenproof design

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • Durable 4 mm, 7-inch recessed touchscreen control panel
    • 99 available cooking programs
    • Idle and melt modes
    • Load compensation
    • Proportional control
    • Filter tracking
  • Option to be upgraded for wireless connectivity
  • High-limit temperature protection with control-panel reset and troubleshooting
  • Heavy-duty basket rest removes easily for cleaning
  • Hinged elements makes vat clean-out quick and easy
  • 4 heavy-duty casters, 2 locking



*Based on a 5-hour training regimen
**Based on throughput tests according to ASTM standards
***Refer to spec sheet for necessary conditions