Henny Penny Model MPC 1L

Single Module

The Henny Penny Model MPC 1L is a multi-purpose holding cabinet ideal for keeping small quantities of hot menu items safe, appetizing and ready for immediate serving or packing. This compact, modular single-drawer unit can be placed on countertops, side-by-side or stacked. Each module represents a separately controlled holding environment.

Standard Features

  • Space saving design maximizes holding capacity in minimal space
  • Modular design—units can be stacked or placed side-by-side
  • Multiple units offer separate, individually controlled holding environments
  • One-piece molded drawer pan of heavy duty high-temperature thermoplastic
  • Programmable controls with digital temperature display
  • Power-on indicator turns green when system is normal and ready
  • Modular control system for ease of service
  • Welded stainless steel construction for easy-cleaning and long life

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