Bravo Pastmatic


The Bravo Pastmatic 60 is a gelato and premium ice cream base heater, mixer, ager and cooler machine. An indispensable tool for a multi-machine process, this unit fits perfectly with the Gelmatic M or Trittico series.

This unit is also available as Model Pastmatic 2×60 for production of up to 126 quarts of gelato base.

Standard Features

  • Easy to clean
  • More homogeneous mixture
  • Stirrer speed can be changed anytime
  • Little space required
  • Can pasteurize up to 63 quarts of gelato base
  • Many operation cycles (high temperature pasteurization, low temperature pasteurization, stirring, cooling and refrigerated preservation)
  • Electronic control of the pasteurization cycles
  • Anti-drop tap which totally goes inside the tank to grant the best hygiene preventing mixture leftover in the extraction channel