Bravo G200

Batch Freezer

Add a Bravo G200 Batch Freezer to your kitchen and offer endless menu possibilities for a variety of premium desserts. Ideal for bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, ice cream stores and fine dining establishments, a batch freezer allows you to create homemade, quality high overrun ice cream, sorbet or Italian ice.

Standard Features

Freezing Cylinder

One, 28 quart (27 liter) Freezing Cylinder

Mix Loading

Mix into the freezing cylinder through an opening into the hopper mounted funnel. Upper funnel for fast mixture loading into the freezing cylinder. Front hopper for adding additional ingredients. Makrolon® front door (special thermal insulating material).

Automatic Temperature Control

Refrigeration system shuts off when set temperature is reached. A buzzer will sound to remind the operator to eject the finished product. Automatic temperature control thanks to advanced thermoregulators with “sensible touch” displays.

Adjustable Shelf

Four positions for filling large to small containers.

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