Pressure Fryers

Commercial Pressure Fryers

When it comes to frying proteins, from bone-in chicken breasts, filet mignon or even salmon, there’s no substitute to the pressure fryer. Since less moisture is lost during the cooking process, pressure frying produces the most consistently flavorful product and is faster than any other methods when cooking in higher volumes.

Get Consistent Flavor Fast

The leader in pressure fryer innovation for more than 60 years, Henny Penny® fryers are designed for quality, consistency and to make your operations easier:

  • Built-in oil filtration extends oil life and reduces the manual effort required to keep your fryers functioning
  • Fries faster than traditional open frying, increasing throughput and labor savings
  • Moisture is sealed in while excess cooking oil is sealed out so you serve a tastier, healthier product
  • Longer oil life and less energy consumption reduces operating costs

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Looking to explore pressure fryer equipment options before you buy?  Ask us about scheduling a demo in one of our fully equipped kitchens in Cleveland and Eaton, OH.

What Sets Us Apart

Rectangular Fry Pot Design Promotes Random Tumbling and Turbulent Action for More Evenly Cooked Products

Quicker Cook Times Allow You to Meet High-Volume Demand

Load Compensation Automatically Adjusts Cook Time for Different Load Sizes to Ensure Consistent Product Quality

Oil Filtration is Built-In, Turning an Unpleasant Task Into a Simple One