Commercial Milkshake Machines & Smoothie Equipment

Adding milkshakes and smoothies to your menu is a great way to shake up both sales and profits. Whether you opt for serving classic shakes or choose to craft on-trend mega-shakes, Taylor® milkshake machines are engineered to serve up spectacular frozen treats that keep your customers coming back for more.

Better Than Hand-Dipping

It’s time to do away with the labor-intensive time-consuming method of blending hand-dipped ice cream. A Taylor milkshake freezer is everything hand-dipping isn’t: amazing throughput so your customers never have to wait, almost zero clean-up, and a consistent product every time.

Why Hand-Spun vs. Hand-Dipped? Explore the benefits here.

With our milkshake machines & smoothie equipment, you’ll enjoy:

  • Powerful, reliable milkshake & smoothie blending that won’t let you down when things get busy
  • Prep time of less than 30 seconds
  • Ability to easy mix-in fruits, candy and syrups for traffic-driving LTOs

Choose from a variety of countertop and freestanding milkshake machines & equipment to fit your space. Some models are available with our special 28-day heat treatment feature* that virtually eliminates daily maintenance, allowing you to go almost a month between cleanings without compromising food safety.

Flavor Burst

Even more reason to stop adding syrup and blending your shakes and smoothies manually. Let a Flavor Burst unit do the work for you and have eight flavor offerings available at the touch of a button. Click here to learn more.

Looking to explore equipment options before you buy?

Schedule a demo in one of our fully equipped kitchens in Cleveland and Cincinnati, OH.

What Sets Us Apart

Less Labor Intensive

Rapid Recovery for High-Volume Throughput

Exceptional Repeatability

Reduced Product Waste

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