Flavor Burst

Flavor Burst Ice Cream Machines

Give your soft serve or frozen beverages a boost with this proven sales builder. The Flavor Burst® system is a revolutionary add-on to your current Taylor equipment that expands both your menu, and your profit potential, quickly and easily.

Flavor Burst ice cream machines can dispense up to 8 flavors at one time, and mix those flavors for endless combinations.

  • Choose from up to 38 available flavors, including classics like Chocolate and Strawberry to unique flavors like Pistachio, Birthday Cake and the always popular Blue Goo
  • Concentrated syrups are stored in one gallon ready-to-install bags, have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration
  • Easy-to-use; Flavor Burst flavors are mixed in at the spout
  • The spout assembly installs directly onto your freezer’s spout, with adapters available for a variety of freezers
  • You receive your first 8 bags of syrup free with your new Flavor Burst ice cream machine

With so many flavors to choose from, how do you pick the right ones for your menu? Check out these tips to get started: Choosing Your Flavor Burst Flavors

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What Sets Us Apart

Offer Customers a Variety of Flavors From One Freezer

Flavor a Variety of Products Including Ice Cream, Yogurt, Shakes, Slush, Cocktails and FCB

Simple Clean-In Place Sanitation of the Spout, Syrup Lines, Pumps and Connectors

Easy-to-Use Full Color Touch Panel is an Attractive Advertising and Marketing Tool

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