From eggs and pancakes to breakfast sandwiches; lunch time hot dogs and hamburgers; dinner plate steaks or chicken fillets; Kappus has you covered for the highest standards in grilling technology.

You’ll be sizzling with success when you include Taylor’s Crown Series state of the art two- sided commercial grills at your eatery. One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate time, temperature and gap settings for every product. Choose from either a gas or electric model that features programmable controls with external USB port – assuring accurate and easy uploading of last minute menu updates and promotional offerings.

Grilling will be faster and smoother with model standard upper platens that are engineered to close at the touch of a button, along with an air cylinder system that ensures quiet and trouble free operation. With a model to fit every budget, let Kappus help you “grill your way to growth” with Taylor commercial grills.

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Grill EASIER, FASTER and SMARTER with Taylor two-sided grills:


  • Taylor Crown series grills make operations EASIER because it’s totally automatic, with two-sided cooking.
  • You program the time, temperature and the gap setting for your menu item’s specifications and it does the rest.


  • Taylor Crown grills are two to four times FASTER and more efficient than conventional single sided grills.
  • Eliminate holding times and serve customers a fully cooked product that’s hot and fresh off the grill.


  • Taylor Crown grills are SMARTER than conventional grills.  They ensure food safety with accurate temperature settings and constant temperature monitoring.
  • Once programmed, the upper platen automatically lowers at the touch of a button to within the thousandth of an inch.  If it encounters any obstruction, it quickly opens for user safety.