Since 1967, Bravo has been the leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry, and chocolate. In 1974 the Trittico® machine was introduced, the first multi-function machine for gelato, pastries, and catering. Today it has evolved to the Trittico® Executive, a machine that is the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine; more than 40 years of innovation in less than 10 square feet.

Bravo’s full line of high performance, quality equipment includes:

High Overrun Ice Cream
Management & Smart Scale

Find out first hand why pastry chefs turn to Bravo to reduce stress in their kitchens by joining us for a demo in our state-of-the-art culinary center.  Contact us today!

NEW!  Bravo North America now offers Gelato classes in Charlotte, NC.  Morgan Morano, gelato master and Bravo Ambassador, will be teaching the art of creating gelato from scratch.  This two-day hands-on class will cover the basics plus tips on running your gelato business.  Click here for details.

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Education: The Art of Italian Artisan Gelato

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