Your Foodservice Equipment Partner

At Kappus Company, we partner with foodservice providers every day. We help them assess needs, set objectives, attract new customers, and grow their business. By developing long-lasting relationships built on trust and quality that goes back three generations, Kappus has become the leader in foodservice equipment supply.

John Kappus president of Kappus Company“We’re here to serve you with the best foodservice equipment available on the market, and the resources you need to run your business. We take the responsibility of providing the highest level of service to our customers very seriously! We strive to meet our customers’ needs by offering expert sales consulting and customer service, first-rate equipment and parts, and best-in-class technical service.”

“At Kappus Company, our goal is to help you succeed.”

John Kappus,
President & CEO Kappus Company

In addition to supporting our customers, at Kappus we also strive to support our local communities. We do this by sponsoring worthy causes, supplying meals to local Ronald McDonald Houses, and being involved in community outreach programs including food and coat drives and donations to local food banks and shelters.

Kappus Company history timeline

While our company has grown to accommodate the needs of all of our customers, our basis and mission remains the same: to provide best-in-class service for top-quality equipment.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Kappus serves Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Northern Kentucky. We offer the most comprehensive service network in the region with 40 factory-certified technicians on the road at all times.