How To Maintain Your Taylor Frozen Dessert Equipment

Taylor frozen dessert equipment is incredibly reliable, but does require regular maintenance.  You can ensure your Taylor machines are producing the best quality product for your customers by following these important tips.

Taylor Ice Cream Machine Maintenance Tips

Regular Taylor ice cream machine maintenance is a vital part of minimizing breakdowns and consistently producing a high quality product. Here are some tips:

  • Clean and sanitize your Taylor machine regularly. For easy training, refer to these cleaning videos.
  • At every cleaning, remove O-rings and wash them thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Regularly replace worn O-rings.
  • Replace scraper blades every 3 months to maintain freeze down time and minimize operational costs.
  • Order a Taylor Tune-Up Kit to keep your machine producing a quality product and minimize machine breakdowns.
  • Replace parts only with Taylor OEM parts to ensure optimal operation.

Taylor Frozen Dessert Equipment Troubleshooting Tips

Tip #1: What to Do When Machine is Dispensing Inconsistent Product

  • If the machine is dispensing product with too much air or product is frozen, disassemble the pump.
  • Examine the O-rings for wear or damage.
  • Check gasket to see if it is not sealing correctly or is damaged.
  • Run a fine brush through all orifices to check for obstructions.
  • Contact us for further troubleshooting.

Tip #2: How to Place a Machine in Stand-by Mode

  • Take the machine out of Auto Mode by pressing the “Stand By” icon on the control panel.
  • In hopper, remove feed tube.
  • Turn the feed tube upside down and insert into hopper.
  • Contact us for further troubleshooting.

Tip #3: My Product Is Coming Out Too Soft, What Do I Do?

  • Check the feed tube in the hopper to ensure that it is positioned properly.
  • Lower the temperature gradually to see if that is the issue.
  • Contact us for further troubleshooting.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Taylor Tune-Up Kit programs provide automatic shipments of regular wear maintenance parts that are critical to the proper maintenance and efficiency of your frozen dessert equipment. By not replacing these components regularly, you risk damage and down-time of your machine. Similar to oil changes and tune-ups on your automobiles, preventative maintenance reduces wear and tear on your equipment and can limit costly repairs.

Preventative maintenance:

  • Improves up-time
  • Reduces reactive service calls
  • Extends your equipment life by 25%

Do it yourself with quarterly tune-up kit automatic shipments, or enroll for regularly scheduled preventative maintenance service calls by our team of factory-trained technicians, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is running at peak efficiency.  Contact our Parts experts for more information and to enroll.

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