Burgers That Flex

Burgers have long been a menu staple, but there’s a new twist on the burger scene these days.

“Flexatarian” diets are huge right now – ask any millennial or Gen Z-er. They involve eating more plant-based foods while still allowing for a little meat and fish. Depending on the day, a customer might order a classic beef burger or gobble up burger creations made from lentils or beans.

So, innovative patty blends and flexitarian options have become big business. And naturally, chains are calling out flexitarian choices on their menus with patties made from everything from poblano-quinoa mixtures to ground turkey and mushroom blends.

If your operation is exploring the flexatarian trend, make sure to check out the next generation of Taylor Two-Sided Grills. With instinctive gap control and independent cook zones, they’re perfect for cooking a variety of different foods – including burgers that flex.

Sometimes seeing this technology is better in person. Contact us about seeing a two-sided grill in action.

Source: Technomic 2021 Burger Consumer Trend Report

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