commercial smoothie machine with strawberry banana smoothie

“We’ve partnered with the Kappus Company for our foodservice equipment needs for 40 years. We buy grills, soft serve and shake machines from them. You can’t beat the quality and durability of Taylor equipment, and the support we get from our sales representative, in addition to the technical service we’ve gotten over the years, has been unsurpassed.”

Dan McManus, Director, Food Operations
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Sandusky, OH

Looking to shake up sales and profits? Kappus Company delivers best in class commercial milkshake and smoothie machines that will quench your customers’ thirst while increasing traffic flow and maximizing revenue dollars for you.

Whether it is a floor model or counter model, Kappus can put a freeze on the competition and more profit in your pocket with these top of the line milkshake and smoothie machines!

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Taylor commercial milkshake & smoothie equipment is known for:

Single flavor / multi flavor
Wide range of choices to meet your individual needs

Small, medium or high capacity units
Variety of batch sizes to match your specific application

Automatic Consistency Controls
Viscosity is continually measured to serve consistent, quality product

The Taylor brand
Industry innovator in the frozen beverage market

chocolate milkshake with whipped cream
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Stop adding syrup and blending your shakes and smoothies manually!

Let a Flavor Burst unit do the work for you, and have eight flavor offerings available at the touch of a button!
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