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Since 1967, Bravo has been the leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry, and chocolate. In 1974 the Trittico® machine was introduced, the first multi-function machine for gelato, pastries, and catering. Today it has evolved to the Trittico® Executive, a machine that is the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine; more than 40 years of innovation in less than 10 square feet.

Thanks to its microprocessor, the machine automatically handles the cooking, cooling, and emulsion of your recipes. No longer do you have to stand in front of a stovetop, repeatedly stirring your buttercream. Just load the ingredients, press a button, and high quality pastry filling is on its way, without your involvement! No more throwing away burned chocolate, or added labor costs for tedious processes. The Trittico® Executive is the answer to your constraints!

Want to learn more? Contact today for a demo! You can see the Bravo Trittco® Executive in action at our brand new culinary center. Find out today why pastry chefs are turning to Bravo to reduce stress in their kitchens.

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