Henny Penny Model HMR 107

7 Well

The Henny Penny HMR 107 Heated Merchandiser provides you with the ultimate in flexibility and performance for hot food display and service.  Available as a standalone 7-well full-serve or self-serve unit, it is the widest size available and can be dressed out to handle a large portion of your menu.

Standard Features

  • 7-well model available as full-serve or self-serve unit
  • Exclusive Therma-Vec® Even Heat Process holds food at precise temperatures with no cold spots or fogging
  • High-quality tempered glass front, sides and rear
  • Choose front glass profile:
    • Henny Penny curved
    • Advantage curved (matches Tyler Advantage® series)
  • Front glass lifts easily for cleaning and closes gently on gas springs (Full-serve glass in 2 sections)
  • Upper radiant heat with separate temperature control and food probe display for each well
  • Lower heat and water pan temperature controlled separately
  • Control lockout to prevent accidental changes
  • Water pan humidity with built-in low-water indicator
  • Brilliant halogen lamps for attractive food presentation
  • Separate switches for power and lighting
  • Removable mirrored sliding glass rear doors
  • Mirrored or clear side glass (clear side glass, only, for CE units)
  • Sneeze guard on self-serve glass
  • Fold-down plastic cutting board
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long life