Easy to Install.
Easy to Operate.
Easy to Keep Your Soft Serve Machine
Cleaner Than Ever Before.

For as long as people have been eating ice cream, the machines that make it have been cleaned by hand.  Until now.

Hydra Rinse®  provides an environmentally-friendly process to clean your machine in half the time it takes to manually clean it, and standardizes the process so it is ultra clean, every time.

  • Reduces labor cost associated with manual cleaning.
  • Lessens the potential for user variation associated with manual cleaning that can lead to bacterial contamination of ice cream and frozen yogurt.
  • Consumes less than 10 gallons of water, reducing water consumption by more than half.
  • Uses a naturally-derived, environmentally friendly liquid sanitizer and cleaner concentrate.
  • The complete Hydra Rinse NSF approved system prevents microorganisms, yeast and fungi contamination, keeping your soft serve machine cleaner than ever before.

Click below to view of demo of Hydra Rinse in action.

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