Prior to priming your Taylor commercial ice cream machine, you will want to ensure that the mix tank, mix tank cover, mix probe, mix storage cover and funnel are sanitized. Once the parts listed above are sanitized, place the mix tank and cover in the mix cabinet and you’re ready to begin priming.

Step 1. Insert the prongs of the mix probe inside the tank. Then connect the mix probe in the socket receptacle.


Step 2. Place the unused end of the suction line down in the mix tank


Step 3. Insert the funnel and fill the mix tank with fresh mix.

Note: Always use fresh mix when priming the freezer.


Remove the funnel and install the mix storage cover. Then close the mix cabinet door.

Step 4. Place an empty bucket below the door spout and open the draw valve. With the prime plug still in the UP position, press the PUMP button, which will allow the mix to be pumped through the freezing cylinder and force out any sanitizer remains. When full strength mix is flowing from the door spout, close the draw valve.


Step 5. Once a steady stream of mix is flowing from the prime plug hole in the bottom of the freezer door, press the PUMP key to stop the operation.

Step 6. When the stream of steady mix stops flowing from the prime plug hole, push down the prime plug. Then rinse the prime plug hole with water. Remove the bucket and discard the mix and sanitizer.


Step 7. Press the AUTO button. The MIX REF light will come on indicating the mix refrigeration system is operating, the AUTO light will come on indicating the main refrigeration system is operating, and the PUMP light will come on indicating the Horizon pump will operate whenever the mix is needed in the freezing cylinder.


Repeat steps 1-7 as recommended to improve the longevity of your Taylor machine. For more information, view our video on how to prime a Taylor machine or contact us.