Lainox as a Company

In 1981 the Lainox company was founded in Italy, in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso.
It immediately specialized in designing and creating equipment for professional restaurateurs, especially multi-use ovens. Its strong entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of its innovations made it quickly stand out. Both qualities led to the rapid achievement of results and attainment of significant market share in Italy and abroad. Research, innovation and training: these are the main “ingredients” of the Lainox philosophy. A consistent choice that has enabled the company to give maximum attention to satisfying the expectations of the customer, even to the point of anticipating his needs. The corporate mission, “Excellence in the kitchen”, summarizes the company’s drive for improvement and the courage to take on the most difficult challenges of the market.


Lainox/Kappus Service Promise

With Kappus Company, delivering your equipment is just one step in our relationship. Many Combi manufacturers ship the equipment, and that’s the last you hear from them. Kappus Company is the ONLY company that services our own Combi’s! Both culinary and technical support are limitless to you. We stock parts in our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse and on our service trucks. The Kappus team of factory trained and certified service technicians blanket our territory, strategically locating them near your business and with a fleet of more than 45 service vehicles, stocked with factory certified parts, Kappus service technicians are available where and when you need them. We provide unparalleled service on your schedule, not the other way around.


What is Naboo?

Naboo isn’t just a standard Combi oven, it’s more sophisticated than that. The Naboo is your Personal Cooking Device. One of the many unique features that distinguishes us from other Combi ovens is The Cloud. In the Cloud, you will find all the content and Interactive Cooking System recipes you need to prepare and cook the highest quality food. The recipes, the preparation, the cooking process and even a presentation picture are at your fingertips. The Naboo recipes and control screen are completely customizable for the customer’s needs and demands. Also, standard Wifi makes it possible to have your Naboo continuously connected to the Lainox Cloud and therefore to an endless source of information, ideas and free software updates.


Naboo vs. Sapiens vs. Compact

We offer three different styles of Combi ovens; all available in gas or electric and with or without a steam boiler. Naboo, with a configurable tablet interface and has Interactive Cooking System recipes. Sapiens, with manual dial controls with the capabilities for holding 99 cook programs, and the Compact, which are smaller, countertop friendly in size. All models cook identically and provide equally amazing results.

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