Medical Statement

“Registered with the EPA as a hospital grade disinfectant, the LEXX concentrated solution is approved to sanitize, clean and disinfect against COVID-19.”

Gary M. Russotti MD, MS, FAAOS
Director of Medical/Biochemical R & D and Regulatory Compliance
IdeaBoxx, the makers of Hydra Rinse

Now more than ever, facility sanitization and food safety is critical. LEXX cleaner concentrate from the makers of Hydra Rinse is a proven eco-friendly alternative to traditional disinfectants for use on all food processing areas and equipment.

  • Approved by the EPA to sanitize, clean and disinfect against COVID-19
  • NSF listed as a no-rinse cleaner and sanitizer
  • Naturally derived and readily biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not require personal protective equipment like Quat-based disinfectants
  • Yields 32 gallons of solution per 1 gallon of concentrate

Download LEXX Information Sheet

Download White Paper Explaining Efficacy of LEXX Against COVID-19

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Renee Pfeifer
216.367.6677 x656